Launch of thriller "The Virus Project" by Josepha W. Quint

LONDON, ENGLAND, UK -- Feb. 13, 2016 -- JNPAQUET Books Ltd is today launching its fiction books collection with a thriller “The Virus Project” by British-born historian and anthropologist Josepha W. Quint.

A lot was written about the H1N1 virus after the outbreak in Mexico, in 2009. Nothing like this story! This is a thriller in which a journalist's investigation quickly leads him into discovering an unbelievable conspiracy and what really lies beneath the official truth about the virus. What we read here is a powerful thriller, an exciting story mixing mystery, conspiracy and history. Even though it is a work of fiction, the book was inspired by a real story and is based on historical facts.

The story: There are things in life that are intrinsic. One of them is to fight for justice and truth. But what if the truth was actually the fruit of terrible secrets and dreadful lies? Jean-Baptiste Duprés was a French Investigative Journalist working in Mexico when the outbreak of the Swine Flu virus began in the country. On 25th April 2009, he decided to give up his work on a high-level drug Mexican cartel to start an investigation on the new deadly virus. Duprés' investigation quickly led him into an unbelievable conspiracy and despite the risks, he eventually discovered what really lies beneath the official truth about H1N1... How far were the pharmaceutical companies, the Spanish Crown, or the Vatican actually involved? This is his story.

“We are very happy to be able to launch this new collection of fiction books with this particular thriller," the Company said. "Although we mainly publish bilingual children’s books and academic books, we know our older audience is keen in reading original books that come out of the ordinary, which is why we have decided to offer them books that will make them change the way they read fiction books.”

Josepha W. Quint is a British-born historian and anthropologist. Research Fellow at the Institute of Ethnology, Mexican Academy of Sciences, and Member of the National Institute of Indigenous Peoples, Mexico City. She has been living in Mexico for over 15 years.

Customers can find more details about the book on the mini website: and purchase the book exclusively on Amazon.

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